It has been a while since I have posted in here. We are back in the Cincinnati area. So much has happened since being back, and I will post about it all as time allows. But today…my mind is in lands far from here.

Some people say it is hard to go home. In some ways, that has proven true. While we only lived in areas for short periods of time, I find myself missing things about each place we have been.

I often think about Costa Rica and I miss the view from our house and the breeze in the morning. I miss the GREEN unlike any other I’ve seen. I miss fresh mango and pineapple. I miss the people that we met there. More than anything, I miss our slower pace of life.

I think about Spain and miss the beautiful view from the balcony that looked like a painting. I miss walking to everything we need and taking a train on adventures in other cities. I miss exploring castles and cathedrals and learning about history from a different angle. I miss the siestas that were a way of life. I miss the local wine and fresh olives.

And I think about England miss the walks in the countryside. I miss the transit and being able to get anywhere without a car. I miss walking to our favorite cafes in town. I miss the castles and history. I miss my friends.

I also check flights regularly just on the off chance there is something that we could not refuse to go and explore somewhere new.

I have found that I thrive on new adventures. I love to see new places, learn about cultures outside of my own, learn about the history of the world in the historic sites that I usually only see in books or on TV. I love finding a new perspective on life, learning a new view point, and challenging my own way of thinking. I find that the more we explore, it opens the door to other places I would love to see.

We are not quite certain what’s in store for us yet, but we do know that our traveling days are not behind us. We will be getting out and seeing more of the world, some with vacation and some with the slow travel we have come to really enjoy. We want to return to some of the places we have already been, too. I just have to remember to live a little slower here and know that we will get there in good time.

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